Wednesday, September 14, 2016

AWL sentences

The main idea of this system is to prevent infected machines from affecting healthy machines

These mobile PCs connect to WiFi spots that are available every time in order to be able to connect to internet.

The article briefly describes the features of the PC quarantine system which includes the typical implementation of the Quarantine system (A description of how the system is implemented)

The Quarantine system also performs the same action which is preventing infections of Computers

The word quarantine in simple terms can be explained as an isolation on an object if it is exposed to a threat.

The article briefly describes the features of the PC quarantine system which includes the typical implementation of the Quarantine system (A description of how the system is implemented);

Exercise 33.1, 33.2 and 33.4

33.1 Filling the gaps in the article about collocations 
(1) fall into
(2) distinction
(3) make reference to
(4) raise
(5) taking into consideration
(6) case
(7) touches
33.2 Completing collocations
1 assess 
2 convincingly 
3 draws 
4 lend 
5 forward
6 hold
7 draws
8 lays 
9 profoundly
10 draws   
33.3 Choosing the correct collocation 
1 presents
2 explains
3 affects
4 states
5 precisely
6 creates
7 hold
8 raises

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Review of a Book - Royal Bean

The book presents a story about Mr Bean, Teddy, the Queen, the Queen's butler, dog and Buckingham Palace, which is where the Queen lives. To briefly explain the characters, Mr Bean likes the Queen and loves Teddy.  The Queen  loves dogs and she has a butler. 

The book tells a story about how Mr Bean is sad in the morning because his mug is accidentally broken. He tried to recover by trying to buy it again but it is unavailable. Mr Bean followed a lorry which has his favorite mug.He finds himself at Buckingham Palace where he met the Queen, Queen's butler and dog. He is then awarded his favorite mug for finding the Queen's dog. 

This book presents a story in a logical order, from the problem Mr Bean is facing to the challenges he came across in replacing the mug and lastly victory of being awarded his favorite mug.  

It is clearly shown in the book that Mr Bean experienced a problem in the morning by accidentally breaking his mug. He again faces a challenge when a shop assistant does not give him good service and she tells him the mug is not available. He again faces another challenge of fighting with the Queen's dog over Teddy. However, he wins this challenge by getting Teddy back and get awarded his favorite mug by the Queen.

This book can be used as a motivational story to everyone who is experiencing or facing challenges in life. Mr Bean fought against challenges and got victory at the end of the story. If Mr Bean can do it, so can everyone. 


Exercise 31.2, 31.3 and 31.4 for English Academic Writing

31.2 Single to plural or vice versa as instructed 

1 There are interesting PhD theses on water resources in the library. 
2 What was your main criterion in designing your survey? 
3 She was interested in a strange phenomenon connected with comets.
4 The hypotheses were never proved, as the data was incomplete.  

31.3 Matching the sentences with the most appropriate ending

1 We must never accept the notion that intelligence is connected to race. 
2 The task of choosing an analytical framework is an important stage in any research. 
3 The book expresses his viewpoint on the role of the United Nations in times of war. 
4 Tannen has always made her stance on gender and language use very clear.
5 Consumers have different perceptions of what low price and high quality mean.
6 The report laid out a new model of family healthcare which changed everything.
7 Physicists developed the concept of dark matter to explain certain observations 
31.4 Answering the questions based on the text 

1 Autonomy 
2 Humanities  
3 Profound
4 Consciousness
5 Moral 
6 Grounding

Monday, September 12, 2016

Second Day - Academic Writing Learning

Tasks done during class

1 The instructor read two paragraphs and students had to re-write the paragraphs down on the paper
2 Combination of sentences

Exercise 30.2 and 30.3 for English Academic Writing

30.2 Match the beginning of each sentence with the most appropriate ending

1 The article explores the origins of the concept of democracy.
2 One small explosion set off a chain reaction, causing massive damage.
3 The confusion probably stemmed from a lack of communication.
4 The proposed new tax could have precedents for his decision.
5 The disastrous events of 2003 gave rise to a widespread sense of disillusionment.
6 The judge explained that there were major consequences for larger families.

30.3 Choose the correct word in italics to complete the sentence 

1 De Routa's work in the 1970s influenced the development of computer science.
2 The acid seemed to have no effect whatsoever on the plastic.
3 Everyone hoped for a positive outcome upon the meeting between the two governments.
4 The reason to the failure of the project was a lack of funding.
5 The impact of global warming on the polar ice caps is now understood more clearly.
6 The journalist wondered what particular ending the government had in mind when it decided to build a national tennis academy.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Self Introduction about Mr Doctor

My name is Doctor. I am from South Africa studying Masters degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Kumamoto University. My field of research is in computer engineering. The basic idea of my research is to increase the performance of the current computers. 

My hobby is to play soccer in the afternoons and also weight lifting for body building. I love meeting new people, especially from other countries to expose myself to other different cultures. I would love to live in United Kingdom for few years to better my English. 

In general, I am an outgoing person who is flexible to anything that comes up my way. My motto in life is, I only get one life, I have to live it.